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Did you take this into consideration in your job search?

August 16, 2016

Tell me if this sounds frustrating:

  • Literally waiting hours for your computer to quit lagging.
  • You have important projects that need to be started on, but you can’t because you’re spending hours on the computer trying to figure out the archaic software your company is using.
  • You are using software from the 90s….when it’s 2016, and you know there is stuff out there that is WAY easier to use and you could get your work done in half the time, and have time for all those projects your boss needs done.

Yeah. That’s what I thought.

These are all things I never considered when looking for a job. (And these are all things that actually happened to me at my jobs.)

Being a naive college student, I kind of assumed that all companies used pretty up to date equipment/software. Maybe not like brand new, but at least from this decade right?


Turns out that not all companies are Google or Facebook, and can’t afford to upgrade all their stuff. OR they really have to stick with the same software because changing would be a logistic nightmare. OR worst of all: they don’t see a need to upgrade to better equipment.

Maybe it’s just me, but I bet many Millennials expectations will be similar to mine: fast internet/computer, and easy to use software that is at least from this decade. And I don’t think it’s entirely because Millennials are entitled, it’s just what many of us have grown up with.

So if you want the latest hardware/software, let me give you some advice:

  • Check out their website. If it looks like it’s from the 90s, chances are the rest of their stuff is too
  • Try applying. Do they make you upload your resume, and then ask you to fill out your past employment history with addresses and phone numbers of past employers? If so, hard pass
  • How old is the company? Big shocker here: Newer companies=Newer stuff. And don’t let their size fool you. Even huge companies like P&G and GE use old stuff.
  • What’s the industry? Tech is obviously going to use better equipment. Manufacturing and retail will not have super up-to-date equipment. One reason is that the industry themselves have been around FOREVER and another reason is because their equipment isn’t their product, where the opposite is true in tech.