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Digital Ocean App Platform SSL Certificate Node Postgres

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January 02, 2021

This goes out to some poor soul who is Googling these terms to try and figure out how the heck to use a SSL certificate.

I was (and probably still am) that poor soul trying to figure it out.

This was extremely frustrating for me, so hoping to save someone some time/pain.

So if you get this error

Error: self signed certificate in certificate chain

This is what you need to do:

First you need to set an environment variable in the app platform.

Go to the Components tab and specify a CA_CERT environment variable and set it to ${name-of-your-service.CA_CERT}

Here is the DO doc talking about environment variables:

Then you need to reference that when you instantiate the DB connection.

I’m using node-postgres

const pool = new Pool({
  user: process.env.USERNAME,
  host: process.env.HOSTNAME,
  database: process.env.DATABASE,
  password: process.env.PASSWORD,
  port: process.env.PORT,
  ssl: {
    rejectUnauthorized: true,
      process.env.NODE_ENV === PRODUCTION
        ? process.env.CA_CERT
        : fs.readFileSync("ca_cert.crt").toString(),

Note that I am not using the connectionString parameter. For some reason that doesn’t work.

I posted a question here, hopefully it gets answered:

Also note that I am separating how I reference the certificate on prod vs dev

  process.env.NODE_ENV === PRODUCTION
    ? process.env.CA_CERT
    : fs.readFileSync("ca_cert.crt").toString(),

I have no idea if that is best practice, but locally, you can’t stick the cert in an env variable, so, that’s the best I could come up with.

To get that cert, you need to download the CA certificate from the DO managed database.

When you go to your managed database, there is a button below the connection details.


You have to open the cert with a code editor, I used VS Code.

Then just copy the contents and create a new file in your repo, paste the contents, then reference it like I did above.

Here are some community posts:

Hope that helps.