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How I got interviews at top companies after coding bootcamp


February 08, 2021

How I got interviews at Pinterest, Calm, DoorDash and Cloudflare right after a coding bootcamp: cold emailing engineering managers.

Some of my stats:

Sent: 200 Replies: 37 ~20% response rate

If you send 10/day, thats 50/week, which would be 200/month, so hopefully you can get a job in ~1 month

Here’s how to do it:

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Find “Engineering Manager” “Director of Engineering”, “CTO”, “CEO” on LinkedIn. Probably wanna start out with manager. If the company is too small to have managers just go up the org chart
  2. Find their email address. You can do this easily with Clearbit If you can’t find the exact email, look at how other peoples emails are formatted and format it like that. FirstName.lastname@companydomain for example
  3. Ask for an informational interview. Do NOT ask for a job. Template:
  4. Flattering statement
  5. I’m a _ with _ skills so I’d be able to contribute on day 1
  6. I know you’re super busy, but would you mind if I set up a quick 15 min call with you?
  7. Hopefully they just CC their recruiter, if not, you’ll meet for the info interview. Ask them about what they do, the industry, anything you’re curious about. How many meetings they have? How much actual coding they do? Etc Haseeb has a great guide
  8. At the end just say: “Thank you so much, this will really help me as I look for opportunities.” Maybe they invite you to interview, maybe not.
  9. Send a Thank you email after you meet with them
  10. If they don’t respond, wait a few days and send a follow up: Hey first name! Just wanted to bump this to the top of your inbox.