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How to import existing local Postgres database into Digital Ocean Managed Database

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January 03, 2021

If you have a database on your local machine that has a bunch of data, here is how you can import it into a Digital Ocean Managed Database.

Go to your terminal

Be in the directory you want the sql dump file to be placed


pg_dump --no-owner --format=c local_db_name > whatever-name-you-want.sql

Then go to your DO managed database.

You’re going to want the Connection string, which you get by clicking the dropdown in the upper right, it probably says Connection parameters.

Copy that.

Then go to your terminal and run

pg_restore -n public -d "connection_string_goes_here" --jobs 4 /Users/adrianhorning/Documents/whatever-name-you-want.sql

Obviously replacing /Users/adrianhorning/Documents with wherever your sql file is located.

Good luck.