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I was wrong about LeBron

July 11, 2016

I was wrong about LeBron.

I admit it. He totally proved me wrong.

Earlier this year I wrote about why Steph Curry was a better player than LeBron, and….obviously that article is looking a little foolish right now. Not only did LeBron outplay Steph, but so did the Cav’s point guard Kyrie Irving.

And I’m a Cleveland guy. I grew up in Northeast Ohio. So why was I hating on LeBron?

Make no mistake, I did not jump ship and become a Warriors fan (I loathe fair weather fans), but I just didn’t think LeBron had it in him to beat Steph and the Warriors. I was in despair ok. I didn’t think the curse would get broken. I was so upset because right when LeBron comes back, a super team comes outta nowhere and beats the Bulls regular season win record. A Bulls team, that, ya know, many consider to be the greatest team ever.

Now, put yourself in my shoes, a Cleveland fan. I’m thinking, gosh, this is just another example of how Cleveland is cursed and God hates Cleveland sports.

But then….Cleveland won.

What does that say about LeBron now? Defying ALL of those odds. Defying, what seemed to be the very will of God. Now, I know what the haters are thinking. If Green wasn’t suspended, I’m not writing this article. And yeah, he probably shouldn’t of been suspended THIS series.

Have you ever heard of a make up call in sports? It’s where the referee makes a bad call on one end, and makes up for it by giving the team who got hosed by his last call a break. Well,the NBA was pulling a make up call. Green should’ve been suspended the last series with the Thunder, and the Thunder most likely would have won, making the Warriors look like fools and probably giving the Cav’s a more favorable matchup with the Thunder. But the NBA gave Golden State a break, just like they gave Cleveland a break.

And the Warriors had tons of chances to win Game 7. So I don’t wanna hear it. Another thing. I totally recognize LeBron couldn’t have done this without Kyrie. Bron isn’t much of a jump shooter, and not very clutch, so I was very worried when the game was close, but thankfully Kyrie was there to step up. But, could Kyrie lead the Cav’s to a championship without LeBron? I don’t think so. Not yet anyway. I think the Cav’s needed LeBron’s leadership.

So, with all that being said, LeBron is way better than Steph and one of the greatest athletes who has ever lived.


Because, he did what NO ONE (other than Jim Brown) could do. Win a championship for The Land.

And think about it, he willing chose to face a difficult situation. The way he left, was…well, not ideal, and oh yeah, Cleveland sports is cursed and hasn’t won in 55 years. But he said to himself: “I’m going to go back and face a challenging situation just because I know it’s the right thing to do.”

I have to ask myself, how often would I make a decision like that? And then, put in the hard work and mental toughness to actually DELIVER on my promise!?


What’s even more amazing to me is that he was so highly touted coming out of high school, and to live up to that hype is incredible. How many athletes have been deemed a prodigy, and then have fallen short of expectations?

Now, this brings up a good question. If LeBron is so great, why are there so many people who hate on him? Well, he’s super arrogant, seems like a whiner on the court, has lots of tats, and he’s not as fun to watch play as someone like Steph.

And yeah, he’s all of those things.

But you know what? Consider his childhood. Grew up not knowing who his father was, and raised by his mother in a rough area.

And look at the man he has become. He is a father who cares about his kids. He gives back to the Cleveland and Akron communities. He doesn’t throw his mouth guard at people 😁. And he willingly chose to put himself into a difficult situation just because it was the right thing to do.

So LeBron, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I doubted you. I promise it won’t happen again!