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My first experience trying to get a job as a web developer 😆


June 07, 2020

It was my last semester at college and I had just quit my job.

I was a Psychology major, but after my internships I became really passionate about tech.

I had just built a personal site (with wordpress 😆) and the best jobs in town were web dev jobs, so I just applied to web dev jobs thinking like what the heck? If they are crazy enough to hire me I would be learning on their dime.

By some miracle I got one job interview. Probably because this was podunk Idaho and they were just as clueless about web development as I was. The company was a car repair shop I believe, just wanting some help with their own wordpress sites.

The only thing I remember from that interview was they pulled up their website, which had their logo in the upper left, and they asked me how long it would take to put the logo in the center of the page.

Knowing how it took me to figure out CSS on my personal site, I thought about it for a few seconds and said:

“Probably a week.”



A WEEK!!!!

Obviously I wasn’t getting the job after that.

I cringe every time I think about that experience. I can’t believe that I said a week. Now, I could do it in about 30 seconds.

But just goes to show that if I could eventually learn to code, ANYONE can learn how to 😅