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My Review of App Academy

August 19, 2018

I thought the curriculum was good, and the program was intense, but not worth paying 28k for.

I paid 5k upfront, then paid 23k after I got a job (paid over a year).

A little about me — I moved to San Francisco with no job and $1,500, so I had to deliver food in the evenings to make ends meet (and pay for App Academy). I attended App Academy from 12/17–3/18.

It took me 6 months to get a job, and the salary was only 67k, which is very low for graduates of the program.

I would say, if you can pay for it upfront (which would only cost you 17k), then you should do it.

If you can’t afford it, just do tutorials from these individuals: Wes Bos, Scott Tolinski, and Stephen Grider.

Stephen Grider’s videos are here: (2/3 of my projects were built with tutorials). Also check out from Gordon Zhu, which is also fantastic.

The reason I say just do tutorials is because I spent a lot of time just saving up enough money to go to the bootcamp, when I could’ve used all that time to just code and build projects.

Another couple of reasons you should consider just doing tutorials are: the alumni network isn’t as helpful as you think, and being self-taught is much more impressive going to a bootcamp.

I was surprised that doing only 3 projects in your portfolio is enough to get a job, but it is. Obviously doing more would just improve your chances.

If you are struggling with interviews, check out What might even be a good plan would be to do several projects with tutorials, then go to Outco. Or check out Haseeb’s blog: