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Rexburg, Idaho needs a Starbucks

August 13, 2016

Since Rexburg is predominantly LDS, some people might think this is a little crazy…cause (the majority of) Mormons don’t drink coffee.

BUT… Starbucks has other things to offer the LDS community than just coffee. Things that the LDS community values, but are absent in Rexburg.

Such as:

  • A comfortable venue where people can visit with each other
  • A place for guys and girls to hang out at, where it’s easy to strike a conversation with someone else
  • A quiet place to do homework, read, write, etc. but where you can still meet people while doing those things

The Mormon community values bringing people together, yet, the community of Rexburg really lacks the venues to do this. There are very few restaurants, no malls, no coffee shops, and no bars, which is where you normally would go to hang out and visit with friends.

So Starbucks could fill a need existing within the community. And I don’t think it’s a big deal that they sell coffee. There are other items you can order that don’t have coffee, and there are some non-Mormons in Rexburg, and there are some Mormons, quite frankly, who drink coffee anyway.

And here’s another thing about Rexburg: It’s absolutely FREEZING 7 months of the year.

So even if Starbucks just sold Hot Chocolate, I think they could still do pretty well. And there’s really not a place in Rexburg that you go to get hot chocolate that’s close to campus. There’s a frozen yogurt place you can go, but that just doesn’t have the same vibe/coziness as a Starbucks.

So Starbucks, PLEASE put a location in Rexburg, Idaho! You would be glad you did.