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Twitter is better than LinkedIn for Networking

March 08, 2016


  • Twitter may get you your next job
  • Twitter is powerful because you can interact with anyone
  • Get a Twitter account

If you are like me you thought that Twitter is a total joke and would feel ashamed if one of your friends or family members saw you on it. But recently, I have seen the light!

I found that my ignorance of Twitter (and let’s be honest, my pride) kept me from understanding the power that Twitter has. Twitter is used to share short messages, but it can also be used to interact with ANYONE!

The advantage of Twitter is that you can tweet anyone and they will see it, you don’t need them to accept any “friend” or “connection” request, thus, you can start a dialogue with anyone!

If your tweet or tweets get liked and/or retweeted, you can engage quite a large audience, and even go viral. Which is exactly what happened to Nina Mufleh.

Her story is incredible! She really wanted to work at Airbnb and did a ton of research and put together a website with her findings and it went viral! She even got retweeted by the Queen of Jordan! How did it go viral? Well…she used Twitter! She says “the true power of the spread of the campaign came via Twitter.

Twitter is the only platform where I could have reached the founders of Airbnb and engaged them in public and visible conversation. Though Facebook is working to include more features that might make this possible in the future, the flexibility and openness of Twitter conversations was the essential driver in the success of Nina4Airbnb.”


So obviously, I got a Twitter account the day after I read Nina’s story (after researching what Twitter exactly was). Then, I got an assignment from one of my teachers to analyze an organization.

So… I thought this would be a good opportunity to leverage (pun intended, you’ll get it later) the power of Twitter. I went to Twitter and tweeted Lever, an Applicant Tracking System company I wanted to work for to see if I could analyze their company.

Less than 2 minutes after I tweeted them, I got a tweet back that from them:

Boom! Wow!

I also saw that I got a like from their CMO, Leela Srinivasan. Soooo, and like any good millennial stalker I went on LinkedIn and connected with her, and then she sent me a message on LinkedIn and asked how she could help!

She was extremely helpful and I was able to talk to her on the phone and ask her some questions about the company. I don’t think any of that would have been possible by just using LinkedIn.

So, if you haven’t given Twitter a chance, maybe this will make you reconsider 😁