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Why I Want to Work at a Tech Startup

April 16, 2016

Now, when I say tech startup, I mean I would like to work for a SaaS company with 10–5,000 employees and would preferably like a paycheck 😅

Smaller Team

When I did my internships I worked for companies with 1,000, 10,000, and 10,000 employees respectively. I LOVED working at the smaller company because I could have more of an impact and I could touch a lot of different things. It was also a lot more fun to be at a smaller company, where I can get to know lots of different people because I’m working with lots of different people.

Make a Difference

I know firsthand that crappy software can really make you hate your job. I love the idea of helping make more user friendly software because I think it makes people’s lives easier, better and even more fulfilling.

Good Culture

This is why I wanted to go into HR. I am a firm believer that people work harder and better at jobs that they love. Then I discovered these tech startups, and I know that they don’t all have great cultures, but it seems like it’s more of a focus here than in other industries. It also seems like they have better leaders who are more self-aware, which improves the work-life for all employees.


It’s easier to change things in a smaller company and I love that because I love change. I feel like I have a talent to look at a process and find ways to make it more efficient, and as a result, I get very impatient with inefficiencies. I love the idea that there are less hoops to jump through at a smaller company when you want to change something.

Use of New Technology

I don’t know if all millennials are like me, but if they are, they hate using outdated software. It drives me bonkers to use a clunky software when I KNOW there is something way better out there. For example, I like the fact that new companies use things like Google Docs to manage their document storage instead of having a bunch of outdated versions of Word docs, or that a new company doesn’t have to stick with ADP products because that’s what they already use everything for and it’d be hard to switch to anything else.