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Why I’m not going to use my degree and become an Uber driver

February 19, 2017

After graduating in December and searching for a job in San Francisco for a month, I’m realizing it might take months to find a job.Which is fine, but I also came to realize:

  1. My greatest asset right now is time
  2. You can make six figures after graduating from a coding bootcamp

And after I understood those things, I had an apostrophe:

If I’m working my butt off to get a job that pays 40k, why not work my butt off to make double that?

The answer was clear.

The more I thought about it, the more it didn’t make sense to keep pursuing a job in People Ops when really, I want to learn how to code and become an entrepreneur anyway, so why not do it now?

Here are some other reasons it makes sense to me:

  • I am passionate about HR, but that passion is rooted in helping make people’s jobs easier, and coding will still enable me to accomplish that goal, just in a different way than going into an HR role would
  • There is WAY more of a demand for engineers than Office Managers or People Ops (HR) professionals
  • My greatest asset right now is time and I wanted to learn how to code eventually, and this is literally the best time to learn because of the time and flexibility I have
  • I can build a network with other students in my cohort
  • More job security. It’s easy to lay someone off who works in a support role, it’s harder to fire the person that builds the product
  • Its challenging. I enjoy a challenge
  • Knowledge=power. Having a knowledge of computers/programming in today’s world literally gives you power over others. Not in a weird dictator way, but in an empowered sort of way. If you know how to code, you are empowered to create what you want. On the flip side, if you wanted to build something, but didn’t know how to code, you would have to rely on someone else to build it for you.
  • I can build something. I enjoy building and creating. Creating something out of nothing is incredibly meaningful and fulfilling.
  • Building something that could help someone else is extremely appealing.

So right now, I’m going to forego looking for full-time employment and work as an Uber/Lyft driver in order to pursue a career in software engineering.

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