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Why Steph Curry is (unfortunately) better than LeBron

March 19, 2016

Being from Northeast Ohio, naturally I am a LeBron/Cleveland Cavaliers fan. It pains me to see the Warriors doing so well (although I do enjoy watching them) because it seems like it’s going to be like another 50 years before the Cleveland Curse is lifted. Thanks Steph.

The Warriors success, and Steph Curry’s apparent eclipsing of LeBron as the greatest basketball player in the world, has caused me to ponder: Why is Curry experiencing more success than LeBron?

And then it hit me!

Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.

Steph Curry wasn’t highly recruited out of high school.

According to Ryan Jones, James left high school as “the most hyped basketball player ever.” Right out of high school he was drafted number 1 in the 2003 NBA draft. In high school he was named the Gatorade National Player of the Year 2 years in a row.

I’m not saying that LeBron hasn’t experienced any adversity. I know that LeBron has experienced his own adversity (such as not having his father in his life), but it seems like, from an early age, King James ruled every court he played on. As far as basketball goes, it doesn’t seem like he experienced a lot of adversity compared to Steph Curry or Michael Jordan.

When I realized this, it just seemed interesting to me that it seems like setbacks are what made Michael Jordan and Steph Curry great, not only their talent and drive.

So if you are experiencing some adversity in your life, you are in some pretty good company.